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The car industry in China and Shanghai is booming. You can now buy pretty much any type of car in Shanghai which means that picking the right car can be tricky. How do you know what a good price would be?

After buying your desired car, what about insurance? Garage service? Maintenance? Dealing with these things can be difficult for a foreigner, even if they can speak Chinese.

Enter CarInShanghai. Foreingers can use our service to assist them with these matters. Our strong background and excellent connections in the car industry makes it incredibly easy for us to assist foreigners. From the very beginning, we take care of everything and provide constant service.


Benefit of buying a new car
Feels great. If you plan to be in Shanghai for a while, a new car may be a better choice.

Comes with 2-3 year/60,000km warranty – whichever comes first.


Disadvantages of buying a new car
Tax: Usually need to pay an extra 10-12% on top of the purchase price of your vehicle

Depreciation: The car market in China is unlike any other country. When you want to sell your call, there is no manual to check to see what your car should sell for. The price is determined by second hand car dealers. There is therefore a potential to lose a great deal of money.

Insurance: Will be more when buying a new car. 10-20% more than second hand car insurance.

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Buy a used car

Buying a second used car in Shanghai
Background information: Shanghai has two major second-hand car markets. Each market contains about 400 vehicles, consisting of many different brands and models – such as Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Buick Regal, Jeep, etc. However, is it worth it to buy a used car? Let’s take a closer look.


Cheaper: second hand cars are always much cheaper than new ones. Second-hand car insurance is also much cheaper.

You can drive it right away. In Shanghai, the only way to get a license plate is through an auction. This is hosted by the government once a month. If you’re buying a new car, you need to pay attention to timing. If your timing is not right (ie, you miss the auction) you will have a new car with no license plates and therefore can not drive it on the road.

Second hand cars, on the other hand, can be driven right away. They already have license plates. All that is needed is a title transfer (name transfer) and we will help you with that. This takes four working days.

Low Depreciation: When you want to sell your second hand car, the depreciation will be much lower than that of a new car.

Tax Free: There is no additional tax when buying a second hand car. With new cars, however, you need to pay an additional 10% of the sale price.


Disadvantages of buying a second hand car
Takes more time. Sometimes you will find the right car, but the wrong color; or the other way around. You may spend a lot of time negotiating (due to the fact there are no set prices for used cars in China). Generally speaking, buying and second hand car will take more time than buying a new one.

Interior may need revamping. Normally we suggest that our clients buy a car no older than three years to ensure the car is running well. The interior, however, may be dirty, smokey, or run down.

Car parts need to be replaced. Before you drive your used car, it is recommended you get cleaner/gas filter changed. Other parts on the car may also need to be replaced.


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